What is BIMspace?

BIMspace transforms any onsite construction facility into a multi-purpose Building Information Modelling (BIM). visualisation suite. Complex data sets from construction designs to masterplans are showcased as life-sized, real time, virtual walk-throughs, completely immersing multi-disciplined teams in reviews, simulations and highly interactive collaborative sessions, enabling detailed, layered analysis of all stages of the build process. The ability to ‘walk around, and ‘walk through’ virtual environments increases the quality of on-site decisions making and shortens build programme timetables. 


How does it work?

A purpose designed multi projector/lens array creates a non-intrusive virtual world across three synchronised screen enabled wall surfaces. These can be assembled in any formation to fit the desired space ensuring complete immersion with optimum sight lines and minimum occlusion. An integrated, modular furniture design is included to optimise possible room configurations.   

The projectors are driven by a networked and or cloud configured PC where the project data repository resides. Each of the screens can be used to show different information: for example, 3D BIM models, live site video streaming other CAD data, site photos and construction programmes. Alternatively, on the fly changes to stretch the content across all the screens, to a single, super-scale display can be easily selected for greater detail and data immersion.

In addition, the projection surfaces can also be used as a digital white-boards to enable the site team to mark-up on-screen drawings. A camera mounted above enables the facility to also be used for conference calls.




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